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Tiger Trail Thailand


VolunTourism in Laos:
ecoteer - volunteeringTiger Trail Laos is registered partner of Ecoteer initiative. Ecoteer is the cheapest volunteer company on the web and we like that! The projects range from conservation, ecotourism, teaching, farm and humanitarian aid. All the volunteering programs at the projects are free or very low cost.


Hoteltravel link

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Some information links about LAOS:

Vientiane Times
is the official news paper with updated information on the web. Have a look to get an insight into the country or to learn more about the "press" in Laos!

UXO Lao:
a dark side of Laos and his history in war and fighting. unexploded bombs, granades and millions of so called bombies are still out there, in villages, fields...injuring people nearly every day. See their work and their mission:

The United Stated dropped over 2 million tons of Bombs on Laos and still today people die or get injuries from these cluster bombs. Peace was made many years ago but these "bombies" still continue to kill...
Bombies Information - independent television service

A full country information with updated facts and information. Essential knowledge for every interested person. Attention, it is an open directory!
Wikipedia.org about Laos




Lao handmade textiles and products
are designed and produced from this community supporting company. Based in Luang Prabang, it offers even workshops where you can learn how to weave.

Kopnoi, Made in Laos

Kopnoi, Export Promotion Center, Luang Prabang.


Enjoy the stay another day exhibition in Luang Prabang, see the above link


offers a wide range of collected information and insight articles about laos. It's about Lao people, culture, issues http://laoconnection.com/


Hmong Centre
Information and backround stories and studies to Hmong culture and people. Human rights infos, bibliographies and much more... click here to visit the Hmong center


"Laos still a secret war" - here you find more information about a very sensitive part of a dark reality of Laos. Nobody is supposed to talk about this. We still believe you have the right to know!
published by worldpress.org





Destination Laos
is an informative site with a few more information about Laos and its provinces. You may find information about highlights and Lao history as well as some beautiful pictures. Destination Laos

is a good source of information about Laos. They offer interesting stories, country information, accommodation reports and a wide selection of links as well. Information is not meant to be complete, of course because even we and our projects are not in there yet. Even though we are not listed there, not yet, we recommend this page for a great source of info Travelfish.org-Laos


Wonderful Blog
giving loads of pictures about Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng and Vientiane. Nicely made, thanks to the writers. http://sean-erin.com/


site comes up with many information country specific tips and backround. A helpful travel guide for all South East Asia fans



Motorbike Thailand
offers a great range of motor biking in Thailand. Interesting for beginners and experienced riders. find out more on their site...


loads of information and listings for Tours and Travel worldwide.
A specialist Travel listing site.


You can make your way from europe to Laos or Thailand with a scheduled overland bus. A great idea fabulous concept and for sure one of the best adventure trips in the world. You need to bring some time though...

Unusual Traveling: Face The Unknown!
Explore our site to get unique and nontrivial ideas for your exceptional vacation. Check the information about: places frequented by UFOs and unknown creatures; phenomenon and ancient mysterious sites; underground cities and more


PROJECTS and Non government initiatives

Stay another day in Laos

Stay another day in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam
Stay-another-day.org is an initiative by the Mekong Private Sector Development Facility (IFC-MPDF), a multi-donor funded initiative set up by the International Finance Corporation in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lao PDR, to reduce poverty through sustainable private sector development.


Another project we would like to support because of their great work and support to the Malaysian sustainable tourism is: www.orangutanproject.com