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Adventure Travel Combinations in Laos


Combine your Activities in Laos

Trekking in LaosWant to do it all - but not enough time?
We have designed trips and tours that put it all together. Work up a sweat by foot or bike, then relax on the river on the return trip.

Do a one day trip, or an extended tour to combine adventure activities such as trekking, kayaking, biking, hiking, rafting, elephant riding, home stay experience.

We move the gear and do all the work, while you enjoy the beauty of Laos.


If our standard trips are not exactly what you want, design your own! We will set up a custom trip around Laos based on your desires. Or check out some of our combinations and ask to create a specialized tailor made adventure combination in Laos...Just for you!


HERE you can see some examples:

Adventure Tour Laos3 day Bike, Elephant, Trekking, Kayaking combination


2 day Elephant Biking Trekking combination


14 or 19 day Ultimate Eco-Adventure combination

Mountain Biking and Rafting combination

Make your way along the bustling streets of Luang Prabang to the outskirts of town and enter the ecological treasures of the pristine countryside. Whisk past local villagers as they engage in their daily toils, not forgetting to call out sabaaidi and arrive at a Lao Loum village to discover the secrets of their craft in cotton and silk hand weaving.
Adventure Travel LaosContinue your journey by stopping off to pay homage to the discoverer of Angkor Wat. Hot and thirst, ask your guide to stop for the quenching local sport's drink Supontsu. Moving on through numerous sleepy villages, we arrive at our transition point to begin the next segment of our journey on a professional European imported raft or ocean kayak. We dine and enjoy a swim at the clear refreshing spring water of the That Se Waterfall. With your feet dangling the sides, spy the Lao Loum children swimming nude under the scorching afternoon sun. When the opportunity arises, share in the popular local game of rattan along some emerged sandbank or hurdle your vessel's gunwale and float alongside those not courageous to take the plunge. Returned satisfied that you have done your body justice and ask for restaurant recommendations from our side...


Trekking and Rafting combination in Luang Prabang

Proceed by a 45-minute car ride to a Lao Theung village and the commencement point of our trek. In this village indulge in fascination while observing the simplicity of life. Follow the trail of the tiger and become cognizant of how the sounds of the jungle fill your senses, as does the teakwood and bamboo fill its pristine lush forests. Pass through a steep limestone corridor to a village of the ethnic hill tribe Hmong people, noting that their main cash crop derives from opium cultivation, which they grow and manufacture more than any other ethnic group in Laos. Follow the tips of our trained guides and discover mystic places, where caves shy in obscurity. Enjoy lunch in the tribe and switch to a river raft or ocean kayak.
Relieve your hot, exhausted body by immersing yourself in the cool refreshing river. Listen to the sounds of the Lao Loum children as they work and play and scream sabaaidii. Refreshed, return to Luang Prabang for an exceptional experience and well-prepared dinner, accompanied by traditional Lao music at the celebrated Indochina Spirit Restaurant.


Our customized excursions in Luang Prabang
permit you to create your own adventure catered to the interests and needs of you and your group. Up to two weeks of self-tailored activities and unforgettable fun awaits you.

In order to preserve our eco-adventure excursions from exploitation, we endeavor to hold our villages in anonymity. You are welcome to visit our office to ascertain further information. We are located on the main road, north-east of the main intersection opposite Wat That or in our office on the main road in Luang Phabang.