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Trekking and Hiking in Laos

discover by foot the welcoming people and diverse culture of Laos.

We invite you to discover the diversity of trekking tours in Laos with Tiger Trail Travel. We are the the pioneers in eco adventure travel and community based tourism in Luang Prabang, Laos. Our company has been established in 2000 and has since then grown to be the most innovative leader in social entrepreneurship in our community. We run our own treks with a well trained group of specialist tour guides. And with a full time staff of over 60 people we can host almost any request you may have. Our in depth experience and team of professionals will help you find a unique trekking experience in northern Laos.


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3-4 day Adventure Treks in Luang Prabang

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Trekking and Hiking Tours in Laos

Trekking and hiking is still the best way to explore Laos its ethnic diversity. Trekking indeed is the best way to meet people, to see their rural lives and experience how the Laotian people manage their day to day life. Most places in Laos are far away from modern civilization. It means you also travel back in time! If you join our trekking tours you will need to reduce your needs and turn on your expectations. But please do not expect crowded touristy village trails and European living standards... We will provide you only a true adventure.


We offer several treks and tour combinations that bring you into great places and remote areas of Laos. Our Trekking Tours around Luang Prabang and the northern provinces can be as long as 4-5 days depending on the region. We operate Trekking tours in Nong Khiaw, Phongsali, Luang Namtha and Luang Prabang. Phongsali region is the most remote and therefore for the real adventurous ones. Normal day treks would still give a good impression about the life in the countryside of Laos and are mostly operated in Luang Prabang province.

Enjoy a day hike or spend a few days trekking in Laos on one of our wilderness treks. Discover mystical waterfalls and hidden caves, jungle trails and rugged mountains. Meet locals and stay with them. Bring your boots and a spirit of adventure - we supply the rest...


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On our specialized Trekking trips we visit local villages, stay in their homes, listen to their stories and see how life is going on. We normally visit Khmu people, Hmong villages and other ethnic groups depending on the region you go for your trekking. This Lao hiking experience is combined with some great sceneries and impressive mountains that surround the trails as most minorities live in remote mountain areas of northern Laos.


Custom made treks and tours of any length can be designed upon request. We plan expeditions in conjunction with boat rides, rafting or biking. Multi-day treks into new areas can be arranged and will than be guided with a special team and supporting staff and GPS support. Please note: Changes can occur due to weather and other unforeseen conditions on any trek at any time.


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Trekking in Laos information



How to behave on a trekking tour in Laos - a short guideline

Do not bathe in streams and waterfalls using chemical soaps and shampoos.
Many hill tribe villagers used to be able to eat small fish, frogs and insects from now-polluted streams. Still rivers provide many different kinds of food for the local people.


Do not throw away waste or rubbish even though local people tend to do that as they don't know better. Set a good example.


Do not buy and/or smoke opium/marijuana
from villagers and guides. This could be big money for the guides or villagers, with sad consequences for the villages! Many of which do not even grow their own opium could think to make a good business with tourists. On th other hand all official sides hope to stop growing opium. Please respect! Also village children see foreigners smoking and think they can do the same every day, and still go to college and make lots of money just like the tourists do. This is not true and a danger for these people!


Do not give candy to children or money for pictures
In fact, nothing should be exchanged directly between tourists and villagers. A village is a very communal place, and what belongs to one belongs to all. Jealousy and hate between villagers can arise because one family or person received something from a tourist and another did not. - we do give a per person payment to the villagers and to the places where we stay. Also there are ways how people can earn from your visit in a normal way. Buying handicraft, food and such things.


Respect the peoples privacy and do not disturb villagers in their houses unless you are invited or your guide asked for permission.


Jealousy, believe it or not, is a major contributor to the drop in population in villages visited by tourists. The ones driven away are actually the lucky ones though, as they wind up in a neighboring village that is closed to tourists.


Please follow the instructions of the guides.
For example when bad weather is coming up or other dangers are foreseen by your guide.


Accept / tolerate the sometimes very basic living standards that you also will have to share, basic toilets, mud, rain, no shower, minimum amount of water...


Ask questions to your guides and help them to understand you as an interested traveler