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Elephant Village Laos, Luang Prabang

Welcome to the "ELEPHANT VILLAGE"

in Luang Prabang, a unique Elephant Camp


Tiger Trail Travel is the leading tour provider for sustainable tourism in Laos, creating meaningful activities for visitors benefiting local communities, nature, culture and the protected Asian Elephants. In close cooperation with our local partners we wish to promote good practises benefiting all involved. Our Elephant Tours, Safaris and Elephant Village stays have proven to be an attraction to visitors in Laos. Our Laos tour programs are unique in Laos and offer a great opportunity to explore hidden paths in the country.


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Get an impression of what a stay at Elephant Village Luang Prabang is about.


Experience the "Elephant Conservation Center" in Sayabouli with educational Elephant programs.



Tiger Trail Travel in cooperation with Elephant Village

- The original Elephant Camp was established in 2003
- "Elephant Village" brings Laos' Elephants away from logging
- Protects the Asian Elephants in Laos
- Is a private initiative & gives logging Elephants a future
- Helps the Elephants to get a meaningful retirement
- Helps Elephants with professional medical care
- Provides selected food and staff
- Provides the Elephants a natural environment
- Gives jobs to local people and supports the community
- Supports the rural development out of Luang Prabang
- Gives new ideas and ways for sustainable tourism
- Shows eco-tourism and useful protection combined
- Can survive and extend its work with your visit!