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in Laos and Indochina

Adventure & Classic travel services for individuals and groups


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What we do in Laos and Indochina

is the result of years of intense work, research and investment. Our international team from Germany, USA and France as well as our experience in tour planning, operations and outdoor activities is simply unique in Laos.


We give visitors the opportunity to experience what we experienced from the beginning of our work and engagement in Laos and Indochina.


With our team of 50+ travel specialists and guides in the company, we are a solid soil for your dreams and travel ideas in Laos to come true. Travel your dreams and explore Laos in your very individual way...

What we did, do, can

...provide adventure & classic sightseeing tours in the region

...offer a wide range of outdoor activities in Laos & Indochina

...customize tour ideas and bring them into lively itineraries

...create special interest/request programs for clubs, groups, universities

...help to preserve the surrounding nature, culture and traditions with our projects

...give visitors a chance of real outdoor experience in a wonderful country

...serve with quality, experience and when necessary with improvisation

...can show the best places in Laos and especially in the North


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