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Tiger Trail is a widely recognised Tour Operator in Laos, a true Local Lao Travel Specialist. We are a constantly growing team of Laos Travel specialists, based in Luang Prabang. Our goal is to provide quality travel experiences benefiting our visitors and business partners as well as the local community in Laos.


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Our medium size, family run company
offers inbound tour operator services with a focus on in-depth travel experiences in Laos and Indochina. We make a difference through engaging foreign professionals developing our local resources. Our internationally recognized projects and community involvement makes us "outstanding" our customer happiness index makes people and companies to enjoy their visit or ongoing work with us.


Tiger Trail Travel
maintains its own business units in different travel service segments. We maintain departments for special travel needs, which stand individually managed from other operations. For adventure and community-based tourism in Laos we maintain our Fair Trek travel team, which services school groups, volunteer programs and community tours. A few of our foreigners are working closely with our business unit for Inbound tour operations which we have called Exclusive Laos, providing superior travel services for overseas travel agencies and operators and our special department for 2-wheel adventures supports our 4x4 adventures and our famous Motorbiking Offroad Tours and the rather small Mountain Biking department. We provide clients and companies with our very own products, tailor made laos travel packages and personalized tours and excursions.


Meet some of our Tiger Trail Team Member here, "WE ARE LAOS "


Since 2000 Tiger Trail Travel (A.K.A Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventures) in Laos operates as one of the first travel pioneers in Laos with our workers and families, guides, travel consultants and international managers in place for our valued clients. Our multi-national team with German, French, US, Thai, UK and Lao members welcomes you here in Laos. We currently employ about 60 full time staff members in field and office locations across the country of Laos. Our own fleet of buses, mountain bikes, kayaks and motorbikes are outstanding in Laos, in size and quality alike.



With about 60 ambitious Lao and foreign full time team members
we consider us to be the most experienced niche-market alternative and independent Inbound tour operator and travel provider in Laos. Our international team of Laos travel specialists are only working for one thing, to provide you  or your valued clients a memorable stay in the region. Our travel consultants are personally updated on all relevant locations in Laos season by season. Our management does not change, our specialists do not leave, our team shows consistancy and growth in knowledge and service. If you look for a local specialist, get in touch with us.


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We can not make your holiday longer,... but much better!!

Director's note

Markus Neuer - Director, Co-owner

Who we are, and our team
Travel in Laos, Tiger Trail My name is Markus and I am leading the Tiger Trail team in Luang Prabang, Laos. Born in Germany, I always had a passion for adventure and traveling but even more important, for other people. Within our Fair Trek projects I have found a way to perfectly combine community work with tourism and bring people together from all over the world to work with Lao communities and our guests. Our team is of an international breed yet we all are working and living in Luang Prabang. A big part of our company are regular interns, volunteers and students giving support. Tiger Trail was founded in 2000. I took over the company in 2008, and with the help of our incredible team it has become what it is today...one of the leading and most innovative tour operators in Laos! Have a question about Laos,...we might have the answer.


My inspiration is our inspiration, faireness and quality for our guestsTiger Trail Laos, Tour Operator, Laos Tours

I believe that the world is not fairly developed and even its most beautiful landscapes can be the stage for poverty and degradation. I aim to approach these problems by seeking a better way.  We make an impact through an ongoing effort to care for the community and our environment, while enjoying the beauty and diversity of the world itself. If everybody would do this, we could have a better world, not just better adventures. With this in mind, I have invented the "Fair Trek" project, which at the moment operates only in Laos...for now.


Fair Trek is a key part of our travel company

Fair Trek is an innovative community-based-tourism project aiming to assist in development of communities in need. In return, it allows visitors to have access to remote villages by trekking, biking and kayaking, to learn and absorb different cultural experiences in Laos. Fair Trek is the first responsible tourism project in Luang Prabang, and has been recognized widely as an example of community-based responsible tourism in the Mekong sub-region. We maintain ongoing work with full-time team members that care only about our partner communities, our outreach projects and student volunteer programs. 



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