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The recent global pandemic that has crippled the tourism sector so many in Laos depend on. Tiger Trial employed 60 local people most who have families and support their wider community. Some of these are slowly able to come back to work as tourism improves. Tourism is a slow come back and with inflation over 200% our guides and the rural communities we support need your help more than ever. Every dollar donated makes a difference in peoples lives.

Guide Relief Fund

Prior to the outbreak Tiger Trial employed over 25 full-time guides. When borders were closed many of these employees retreated to their home villages to return to subsistence farming to provide for their families, but with many years working in the city and with the overheads that city life accrues. Many are struggling to maintain payments on housing vans and schooling. Therefore we started a relief fund to help our colleagues survive until we rebuild and welcome visitors back to Laos.

If you want to help out any of the friends you made whilst travelling with us then please feel free to use the link below to contribute to the guide fund. if you have a specific person you wish to help then please add it in a comment or a supporting email.

Thank you for your support in advance

Support local communities

Through our 'Fair Trek' initiative, we have proven to be a leader in sustainable travel and have a strong desire to help local communities benefit from tourism. Our early beginnings saw the implementation of innovative community-based tourism initiatives that empower rural villages to gain direct access to the economic benefits of tourism.

Today, we continue to develop programs that are a reflection of our love and respect for Laos. Our community-based tourism initiatives were the first of their kind in Luang Prabang and are widely recognized for their impacts in the Mekong sub-region.

Jungle Jar Sustainable Bamboo Water Bottles

Tiger Trial is proud to be working with an innovative community program that will change the lives of hundreds of families in and around Luang Prabang living in marginalized rural communities. The Jungle Jar Scheme is a simple cottage industry Social Enterprise based around community empowerment and rural development with an emphasis on assisting women and older members of the community. The Plan is simple. Using natural products that are readily available in rural areas, we create quality Bamboo water bottles and sell them wholesale to businesses in and around Laos, international schools and via private client mail-order through e-commerce sites such as Etsy, and ebay. 


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