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Projects completed in 2015


Painting School – Ponsavang Village: The village of Ponsavang is in a very strategic location since it is on the main street of the Xieng Ngern district. The 7 or 8 villages around this school only have pre-school or primary schools, making this a secondary school that is shared and used by many. On this occasion, Fair Trek partnered with the community and student volunteers to re-paint this school and give it a new life. The students now have a beautiful place to study and focus. More details

Painting school and Fencing – Moud Village: This project in Moud Village has a lot in common with the project developed by Fair Trek in Ponsavang village. These two schools are shared by many villages around them. This is the only secondary school around the area and around 5 to 6 villages use it. This takes a toll on the structure and its paint. Fair Trek, the community and Fair Trek student volunteers partnered up to re-paint this school and give it a fresher look. For this project, the community also asked for help in building a wooden fence that would keep the students safe from the main street that runs in front of the playground. Both projects were very successful and very well received by the members of the school. More details

Water Tank – Kuchaluang Village: During the dry season the villagers of Kuchaluag had to travel many miles to get water for their daily needs. There were months at a time when this village would have no water. Fair Trek and several groups of volunteers partnered with the Kuchaluang community to build this water tank. It has helped the community have access to water all year round. Thanks to everyone that was involved in this project! More details

Building School Access Stairs  – Kuchaluang Village: Rainy season in Laos can make life in the villages a little complicated. This was the case for Ban Kuchaluang, a Kasack village that is 1 hour away from Luang Prabang. This village has around 45 families that all share the school’s 2 classrooms but during the rainy season, the steep way up to the school became a slide of mud that made the entrance difficult for the students and teachers. Around 2 different Fair Trek groups of students and volunteers worked with Fair Trek and the villagers to clean and level the way to the school and build several stretches of cement stairs that solved this problem in the village. Thank you to everyone that helped! More details