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Projects completed in 2016


Bathroom – Long Lao Gao Village: The village of Long Lao Gao is the neighboring village of Long Lao Mai where Fairtrek has helped for many years. Because of this, the village of Long Lao Gao was already familiar with the adobe technique. However, when the community of Long Lao Gao approached Fair Trek with the need to build a bathroom close to the community house, open for the public, Fair Trek decided to use a mixed technique of adobe and brick. This way the bathroom would still be cool and fresh inside because of the adobe but would be able to use water because of the brick. Take a look at the result! More details

Sports Uniforms – San Oudom Village: The communities benefit from every visit done by a group of volunteers or students. One of the benefits that Fair Trek makes sure the communities get is the payment of the village fund. It is a communal bank account that the community gets to decide how to spend. Sometimes it could be helping a family in need, fixing something that most families use as a water pipe, or paying a certain tax or service. This time, with the help of the funds in the village fund and some other donations, the students from San Oudom village were able to get their sports uniforms to compete against other villagers in a tournament. More details

Painted School – Houy Hear Village: The community of Houy Hear is 40 minutes away from Luang Prabang and it’s a Kasack community. Sometimes all the communities want is a little help that can go a long way and mean a big change. In this case, the village school needed a little touch-up! This village partnered with Fair Trek to re-paint the village school according to government regulations. It took a few groups of volunteers and lots of buckets of paint! The school got a new look and the students got a beautiful place to study and focus! More details