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Laos Travel Guide

Laos – Luscious landscapes, winding rivers, beautiful people.  The country that has an experience to offer everyone, and will ensure you take away long lasting and treasured memories.


The changeable weather in Laos varies between regions. Make sure to bring the appropriate clothes to where you seek your adventures.

Seasonal tips

All seasons offer great adventures and opportunities, check out our Event Calendar (link) for more details.

At Tiger Trail Travel we love the green season, May to October time when short rains come down and bring the jungles into life, a great time to see rice cultivation. The markets are filled with an array of delicious fruits and vegetables.

Cooler seasons offer opportunities to snuggle around open fires and warm up over a lao lao or two. After the ends of the rain, waterfalls and natural pools are abundant with beautiful turquoise waters.

April the hottest months offers the fantastic New Year Festival Phi Mai, where you will cool down with days of water fights in the streets of Laos. Make sure to book accommodation in advance for this time.

General weather summary

November to April: Dry season

May to October: Green season, though it may start a little early in a couple of Laos' northern provinces.

August is the wettest month.

November to February: Cooler months, You will need warmer clothes for the evenings, the further north the more the requirement for a warm jumper and a pair of socks.

March to April are blisteringly hot.

April is the hottest month.

Check out local weather forecast