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"Elephant Village" Luang Prabang

Elephant Camp and Sanctuary in Luang Prabang, Laos. Elephant interaction programs, washing and feeding programs

Elephant Village a Lao adventure location, in Ban Xieng Lom village, Luang Prabang

The English "Guardian" about Elephant Village

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The "Elephant Village" Luang Prabang

(former "Elephant & Adventure Camp, XL camp") is located about 15 km out of Luang Prabang on the bank of the Nam Khan river. Elephant Village is located on a well-chosen place in pure nature, in the middle of misty mountains nearby the river. It is the first and only place like that in Laos offering Elephant interaction programs and an outstanding variety of Elephant activity tours for young and old...


Tiger Trail Travel & Elephant Village

Tiger Trail Travel in cooperation with the "Elephant Village" has created a wide range of community support programs in this truly wonderful Lao landscape. The Elephant Camp in the Elephant Village is blended into the natural, peaceful surroundings with its traditional buildings, an Elephant hospital station, information house and other facilities. Until 1990, locals say, tigers and wild elephants still lived in this area just outside of Luang Prabang. It is definitely the most beautiful place in the Luang Prabang surrounding and visitors are welcome to the "Elephant Village" and of course to meet and learn about the protected Elephants. Tiger Trail Travel has supported Elephant Village for many years enabling the village to make continuous improvements to elephant welfare and finally enabling the Elephant Village to become completely riding-free as of 2000.

The location of the Luang Prabang "Elephant Village"

...is unique and offers an amazing panorama view to a breathtaking 1,600 meter high mountain chain and to a 600 meter high towering rock face... The countryside in front of the camp is unspoiled and covered by forests, plantations and fields... From the "Elephant Village" we start our daily Elephant activities such as learning about elephants, training tours and others. Also, some of our Trekking and Kayaking adventures start near this wonderful place. The programs can be extended and could even fit into a Lao style multi-day adventure package.

The area around the Elephant Village offers about 4 hectares of lush and green nature, and a sandbank in front of the camp allows visitors to watch the Elephants during their bath every day... Maybe you want to take a bath yourself with the elephants enjoy? Come and relax on the sandbank and make friends with the protected Asian Elephants. The wonderful “Tad Sae Waterfall” of Luang Prabang can be reached with our Tiger Trail boat within only 15 minutes.

The beautiful Elephant Lodge which is connected by a small path just a few hundred meters from the "Elephant Village", offers a nice and simple place to stay. It offers nicely furnished rooms in colonial style. The surrounding nature has its own flair welcoming you with sounds of the jungle...

Our statement on elephants in tourism.