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Projects completed in 2018

Eco Bungalow – San Oudom: Fair Trek has already built two Eco Bungalows that you can book through Airbnb or Tiger Trail. The great news is that a third Eco Bungalow is being built in the village of San Oudom. The project resembles the other two Bungalows: built by volunteers, owned by the community, booked by tourists. You are able to do the 3 day Bungalow experience, a tour that allows them to live in three different villages, get to know different Lao ethnic groups and stay in three different Bungalows. The last update of the Bungalow is that with the help of many groups of our student volunteers, the adobe walls have been finished and the roof canal has been installed. We can wait to share with you the Bungalow construction process. More details. [Update] Since COVID accommodation options have changed and we now support homestays in this village.

Community Public address system – San Oudom: The communities benefit from having a working public address system.

Fairtrek Ambassador Team – San Oudom:  We organised training with an external Community-Based Tourism expert. Peter Richards came to Luang Prabang and after sharing all the information on the Fair Trek projects and evolution, he helped Fair Trek realize the need to make sure the communities had an even more active role in the projects. The Fair Trek Ambassador Team (FATeam) consists of local tour guides who work with our student groups on every trip. These guides have lived in Laos all their lives, speak English, Lao and the language from their ethnicities. Working hand in hand with these guides in the FATeam, Fair Trek aims to bring closer the communities and our office and close the gap between communities and tourism. They visit, survey and talk about issues or problems that need to be fixed in villages. Subjects like feedback from the projects, things that are working and things that need work will be discussed by the FATeam and brought to the attention of the office staff.