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Elephants in Laos, the "Land of 1 Million Elephants"

Come visit the Elephant Conservation Center in Sayabouri, a Lao Elephant Sanctuary, Book your Elephant experience!


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A visit to the Elephant Conservation Center could really be a highlight of your Tour in Laos!

If you are an Elephant lover, we certainly recommend to book one of our Elephant interaction programs at the sanctuary. A lifetime experience! The Elephant Conservation Center in Sayabouri, is situated in the western corner of Laos, just a few hours drive from Luang Prabang.

Our team has visited the center a few times and wanted to share our experience with you and give you a general outline of how your visit at the Elephant Center could look like, and more importantly, how it helps the Elephants in Laos and their future… 

ECC Elephant Conservation Center in Laos 2Most of our elephants at the Elephant Center are from the Sayaboury region and have worked in the professional logging industry. Mostly Elephant cows have been rescued from this very dangerous work to be used as reproductive ambassadors for their species here in Sayaboury. A percentage from the Elephant Conservation Center’s tourism activities will be directly forwarded into the work of a locally acting NGO,  into ElefantAsia. ElefantAsia is maintaining a nation-wide elephant conservation program here in Laos. This Elephant protection program is assisting elephants all over the country with medical support.


A major goal for the Elephant Conservation Center is,
to establish Laos’ first elephant breeding sanctuary.



The Elephant Conservation Center (ECC) focuses on providing Lao Elephant cows with a safe environment to give birth and raise their calves. At the same time, the Elephant Center is supplying an income for their owners through soft responsible tourism with the protected Elephants.


ECC Elephant Conservation Center in Laos 3The Elephant Conservation Center also contains a specialized elephant hospital and laboratory, capable of detailed blood analysis and the provision of full-time care for two injured elephants at the same time. Numbers of Elephants in Laos, the former “Kingdom of One Million Elephants”, Lanexang, are steadily decreasing. Many Elephants disappear through natural death or by export activities and dangerous work.

Therefore, the need for a coordinated elephant breeding program in Laos has long been recognized by Asian elephant experts.

The Elephant Conservation Center differentiates itself from other Lao elephant camps by being a haven and maybe heaven for elephant reproduction, lactation, recovery and disease diagnosis. Visitors to the Elephant Conservation Center are welcome to experience the animals and through this to contribute to the Center’s Mission. Saving the Elephants in Laos!

ECC Elephant Conservation Center in Laos 4Most Elephant Center visitors choose a 3 day Elephant interaction and learning program at the Elephant Conservation Center, This tour can be booked in advance and gives you a unique Elephant interaction and learning experience.

Our statement on elephants in tourism.