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Our relationship with our guides is founded in trust

KhamcheanKhamchaen Thamamesay, Operations Manager
Ask Khamchaen about any village in Laos and chances are he’s already been there. He’s explored and visited some of the most remote and unknown villages in northern Laos. He’s lived in Luang Prabang for 30 years, but calls his Phou Noi village in Phongsaly home. His infectious laugh and humour always lighten the mood!

Our experienced Fair Trek tour guides have been trained to lead tourist and student groups with respect and professionalism and are always eager to show students – and group leaders – what makes Laos so unique. Our relationship with our guides is founded in trust, they are always eager to learn and love adventure and travel.

This team of local English-speaking guides will be with the group to translate, help, inform and organize the local logistics during the trip. They are a support for the Partner Organization’s leaders. They are the most valuable part of our team since they live and know by heart everything there is to know about Laos and its culture. We invite you to involve them and ask them about their experiences, and we are sure they will be happy to share their stories.

Fairtrek guides ensure the community is heard and taken into account regarding the projects and relationship with Fair Trek. They will bring feedback from the villagers to our headquarters, feedback that will ensure the community's needs are met. They also collect information from the villagers, to make sure the information our guides are telling the tourists is right and approved by the communities.

Fairtrek guides will be in-charge of the home-stay training Fair Trek organizes for the host families, community days where Fair Trek monitors the process of each project and the different surveys Fair Trek does regularly in the village to make sure all of the villages heard.

This is an initiative that seeks to close the gap between tourists and communities making sure tourism benefits both and the partnership is transparent and honest.