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Jungle Jar is a social enterprise empowering, training, and diversifying communities in Laos through the production and sale of Bamboo water bottles.

empowering and diversifying communities in Laos

Fair Trek has leads student groups on service-learning projects and outdoor expeditions. Tiger Trail Travel launched Fairtrek in 2007.  The Jungle Jar initiative was created in 2021 during the COVID Pandemic. Money from the sale of Bottles goes direct to the families, and a fund is set up in the community to help young people finish high school.

Luang Prabang is a prosperous tourist town on the Mekong River in Northern Laos, often described as the Gem Of South East Asia. Tourism has developed rapidly here, and many rural communities have been left behind due to the rapid growth. We operate in communities within a 40km radius of the city. However villagers have felt the impact of the Covid-19 considerably as the border, and internal travel restrictions have crippled tourism.

We reached out to these communities to see if there was a way we can help deliver lasting non-seasonal income and help break the cycle of poverty through education and productivity. We chose a simple product that could be replicated in the village and the village donated land for the community workspace

Families are paid directly with tools, training, logistics and marketing all provided. There are around 80 families in Huay Fai village. Our program encourages people to make bottles in their spare time and continue to farm.

Our Jungle Jar Program is a perfect program for teachers, high schools, and universities to help as it is a program that touches many poignant topics and covers many academic subjects. We have created a school service-learning program in which participating schools can use Jungle Jar in the classroom to learn about, Social Enterprise and Development, Business, Sustainability, Sales, and Marketing. In addition, schools involved can become agents, and we can export bottles to you to raise funds for a trip to visit Laos and see the program firsthand and enjoy the village’s hospitality. The trip will include visits to the famous Kuang Si Falls, Jungle trekking, Zip-lining, and many other social enterprises.

We hope creating long-term relationships with educational institutes will significantly benefit both parties and provide truly life-changing experiences and good friends.

Our educational travel programs offer a wide range of experiences in a safe environment. We operate 1-2 day tours and offer experiences from 5-20 days for groups, ideal for students.
We’re happy to work with you to design a program that maximizes your group’s objectives. Contact Tiger Trail today.