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Mekong river cruise - Mekong Sun

Already the name "MEKONG" sounds like a hidden, unexplored treasure, a river winding through wild and rugged mountains, jungles and hardly accessible areas. And even today this is true...just with a fine difference. Since the Mekong Cruise ships are cruising this adventurous area in South East Asia, luxury was added to the adventures of the explorer. Mekong River Cruises remain one of the last luxury adventures in Laos.


We offer cruises on the Mekong on private rented boats, on the Mekong Sun Cruise liner and other variations of ships on the Mekong mainly in Laos





Laos Mekong Cruise:
2 days "Cruising the Mekong" - Thailand to Luang Prabang



Laos Mekong river cruise - Mekong Sun cabineThe upper Mekong, people say, is one of the most difficult rivers in the world to navigate. Your comfortable cruise ship Mekong Sun masters tight gorges, labyrinths of sandbanks and mounts violent chutes. Water levels are prone to drop about 2 m overnight. On this part of the Mekong quiet and calm parts of the river alternate with most dramatic and exciting shore sceneries: Tropical lush green mountains, impressive rock formations and secluded villages along the river banks.

Your river cruise journey includes visits to the lovely UNESCO World Heritage Site, Luang Prabang, one of the most beautiful towns in South-East Asia and rates number one destination by NY NY Times Magazine! Traveling along the secluded and impressive landscapes in northern Laos and into the once notorious region of the Golden Triangle is even today an exciting and life enhancing experience.


As of today, the Mekong Sun and their sister cruise ships are the only cabin cruisers sailing between the Thai Chiang Saen and the Laotian capital Vientiane. Guests can lean back and indulge themselves unworried during this extraordinary trip. With 14 exclusive passenger cabins and high quality full board service, the Mekong Sun is perfectly suited for traveling in small groups with a most unique character.


A river cruise down the Mekong is an exciting, diverse and surprising today as at the time it was explored by Lagreé and Garnier, the two Frenchmen who were the first western surveyors to reach the region. Their expedition of 1866-68 moved up the river in small dugout canoes. As they were at the mercy of the elements – sun and rain, intense heat and cold - their journey was an extremely dangerous and strenuous affair.

Today, the Mekong River Cruise journey is considerably more comfortable although the river is still a wild force of nature, and it rarely flows with the same calm and ease as it does near Luang Prabang. Its depth ranges from 100 meters to a shallow 1 metre in places; in some spots, it is 16 kilometers wide, in others only 50 meters.