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Internship / Volunteer Work in Luang Prabang, Laos

If you are interested in having a life-changing work-related time in Laos, you can apply for an internship with us.

volunteer in Laos

If you have experience in Tourism in general or in sustainable practice, community-based tours, and tourism management, you might think about spending some time in Laos or Luang Prabang to develop your skills in your related area.  It may be for a season or a specific length of time.

Come to Laos as a supporter for:

  • our web platforms,
  • a photographer or videographer,
  • marketer,
  • writer and blogger,
  • trainer,
  • sustainability implementor ...if you are connected to a specific tourism market all the better

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We offer an interesting cross-cultural work field for well-managed self-disciplined people, students, and individuals in search of a new direction in tourism and project-related fields.

We have a great international team at Tiger Trail to work with. We can't necessarily offer you money, we can offer you free trips! We look for idealistic people with good social skills and the time for a bit of adventure. We are looking for individuals who are passionate, possess good social skills, and are open to a bit of adventure. Those who are eager to discover and experience something new, while immersing themselves in a challenging cultural environment, are encouraged to contact us. Your efforts will contribute to more services and income delivered to guides and local villagers through our tourism initiatives and programmes.

If you speak some fluent English (minimum), German, French, Spanish or all of that and/or others and feel an interest in Laos and an adventurous work/internship field...just send us your resume/letter/CV and a short info of your skills and ideas. We hope to hear from you via email.

Your adventure in Laos will be everything you dream of and more. You'll hike through dense forests, marvel at cascading waterfalls and enjoy spicy noodle soups and sweet sticky rice, savoring the unique flavors of the local cuisine. You'll converse with the friendly Laotians, share stories and learn about a culture that was vastly different from your own.

At the end of your internship, return home with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the world, having embarked on a journey that captivated your heart and mind. You'll never forget the magical land of Laos


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