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Events & Festivals in Laos

Laos has many festivals, or Boun scattered throughout the year to commemorate various aspects of traditional Lao lifestyle and culture. Most festivals are connected with religion and follow the rice farming seasonal cycle. The timing each festivals is calculated according to the Buddhist lunar calendar which changes every year. Please check the latest information before attending these events.


That Luang Festival, Vientiane Capital

Hundreds of monks from all around the country gather each year in Vientiane for the biggest Buddhist festival in Laos, the Boun That Luang. Foreigners and Lao people alike come to the That Luang, an ancient stupa and the national symbol of Laos, to participate by giving alms and floral votives to the monks. During the day there is an international trade fair, showcasing tourism in Laos, the Greater Mekong, and other ASEAN countries. And at night, there is a grand fireworks display.

Laos Handicraft Festival, Vientiane Capital

200 professional artists from Laos and all over the world gather at the Lao International Trade Exhibition and Convention Center in Vientiane to showcase their various products including jewelry, textiles, handicrafts & souvenirs, and food products such as oil, tea, and coffee.

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