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The Eco Bungalow Village Stay in Luang Prabang

A project for a richer village experiences for hosts and visitors

Fair Trek initiative and partners have created a high class village stay where sensitive and culturally interested travellers can enjoy ethnic minorities while staying in an ecologically built accommodation that supports the community with regular income.

The bungalows are co-owned and run by the villagers, there is a limited amount of people visiting the village at all times, the building is made out of clay (ADOBE) and minimal external resources are being used – The structure is built by volunteers and the villagers and it provides the community with a sustainable income through fair and controlled tourism interaction. Fair Trek initiative and the Eco Bungalow Project itself is unique in S-E-Asia and is a statement for a more sustainable approach of tourism in niche market tours.


The Eco Bungalow in Ban Long Lao Mai Village
is one structure divided into two separate rooms. Each room has a comfortable king size bed with bed linen and blankets for the colder months. It has a western toilet and a hot outdoor shower (with lots of privacy!). There is a loft as well for children with single mattresses and bedlinen. Also the project Bungalow provides towels, soap and toilet paper! Our goal was to make this village Bungalow or Mini-Hotel as comfortable as possible. The Eco Bungalow honors the need of privacy for our guests and integrates well into the local community. The structure also integrates our wish for an ecological yet comfortable building style which we ensured by using mostly local material such a bamboo and earth (Adobe). We can ensure you an amazing personal experience in this wonderful village with comfort and privacy.


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Fair Trek Eco Bungalow Luang Prabang Tour:

Eco Bungalow Village Stay in Luang Prabang

Trek through Laos' verdant mountains, take in the splendor of the famous Kuang Si Waterfall and learn about Hmong culture. And at the end of the day, relax in the privacy of your own ecologically built Bungalow. During your stay the entire room fee is reaching the community itself. Book the stay at AIRBNB alternatively

The Eco Bungalow was built by student volunteers from Fair Trek’s partner, World Volunteer. The project’s concept was designed as a sustainable, income-generating initiative for the community. Construction was funded by the volunteers and private donors but the Eco Bungalow is fully owned and managed by the village.

As most villagers are subsistence farmers, they will now have supplemental income from your visit in the form of: 

  • Accommodation fees from the Eco Bungalow
  • Service fees (cleaning, maintenance, cooking meals) distributed directly to those villagers carrying out those services
  • Communal village fund from guests program fee



The Eco Bungalow has 2 private rooms that each accommodates up to 4 people.

Each room has: King size bed - Loft with 2 single mattresses - Western-style bathroom - Enclosed outdoor shower with hot water


 2 Day Eco Bungalow Tour around Luang Prabang

 DAY 1 – Kuang Si Waterfall & Dinner in The Village

We will pick you up from your guesthouse in Luang Prabang and drive to the famous Kuang Si waterfall. The waterfall's limestone ledges turn the water a mystical azure hue, creating a hidden oasis amid a tropical jungle. It's hard not to be tempted to take a swim in one of   the wading pools, where you can float your troubles away in the dreamy blue water.

But before relaxing at the waterfall, stop by the Bear Rescue Center inside Kuang Si park to see Asiatic black bears (Moon bears) in a forest sanctuary protected by the Free The Bears Fund, a non-profit organization.

Afterwards, have lunch at a local restaurant - fill up on energy because from here, you'll go on a scenic 3-hour hike   to the village of Long Lao Mai.

When you arrive at the village, your guide will give you a tour and show you the Eco Bungalow. Introduce yourself to the local people, and then feel free to unwind in the privacy of your own room. In the evening, stretch out on the sala outside and enjoy dinner under the stars, prepared by the villagers using vegetables and other ingredients farmed themselves.


DAY 2 – Experience the Lao Village Life

Start off the day with breakfast prepared by villagers. Your guide will tell you more about Hmong culture as you spend your last day in Long Lao Mai. Before you leave, take another stroll through the village, meet the community and partake in some of their day-to-day activities (depending on schedule and availability).

You have the option of staying for lunch or returning to Luang Prabang after breakfast...

Note: We're happy to customize a tour that fits your unique needs.


 Included in Eco Bungalow Tour:

  • English-speaking guide
  • Drinking water
  • Transfer from guesthouse to Kuang Si
  • Return transport from village to guesthouse
  • Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast
  • Fair Trek Village Fund
  • Permits

Recommended to Bring to your Eco Bungalow Tour:

  • Trekking shoes
  • Light clothes
  • A warm jacket/sweater (October - March)
  • A rain poncho (May - October)
  • Personal articles & medicine
  • Insect repellant
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • A shade-providing hat
  • Flashlight
  • Extra spending money




Fair Trek is an innovative brand under the Tiger Trail umbrella
that aims to promote responsible tourism using the community-based tourism approach.
We believe that local communities deserve equal access to economic, social, and environmental benefits from tourism.